Bell Peppers and Onions Egg Frittata 灯笼椒洋葱烘蛋

I am definitely getting a hang of my cast-iron pan! Many of you were raving about it, and here I am beginning to appreciate how versatile it is.

My first cast-iron frittata

This cast-iron pan actually gave me the urge to make breakfast Bell Peppers and Onions Egg Frittata 灯笼椒洋葱烘蛋 one weekend morning. Quite unlike me. That's because I have already chopped up the bell peppers and green onions the night before. Half the work done! It will be also no chore cleaning up the cast-iron pan after cooking - basically just rinsing with warm water, with help of a washing brush/scrub, that's it.

Bell Peppers and Onions Egg Frittata 灯笼椒洋葱烘蛋
On that actual morning, slightly heat up the pan and fry the green onions (or onions, your wish), and bell peppers. While the bell peppers are cooking, whisk up 2 eggs (season with sea salt and ground pepper), then pour in the whisked egg gently into the pan. Turn down the heat when egg starts to cook at the side and bottom, in the pan.

The runny raw egg in the middle tend to cook more slowly. Either allow the low heat to cook the entire egg or bake the egg in the oven for about 8 minutes to completely cook the egg.

I actually cook the frittata in two batches because my cast-iron pan was too small!

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