Kabocha Squash One-Pot Wonder 日本小南瓜焖面

To save money and time, one-pot cooking really does wonders.

But what an unappealing mass this is...

This one-pot of kabocha squash, long (green) beans, ground meat, onions and tomatoes can be served over noodles for lunch, then any leftovers served with rice during dinner.

Have it for lunch and the flavors are fresh and tasty. Re-heat again for dinner and the savory meat and sweet squash flavors become richer in a thicker stew-like gravy.

It might not look the most appealing but it is very tasty and satisfying.

Kabocha Squash One-Pot Wonder 日本小南瓜焖面

In a pot, brown the ground meat (lightly marinated with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine) till 80% cooked then dish out, set aside. Add in 1 medium onion finely chopped, and saute the onions (in remaining meat-juice-flavor left in the pot) till onions are cooked down. Add in 3-4 medium tomatoes finely chopped and continue to cook down onions and tomatoes till juices are released. Add in garlic, then kabocha squash (skin-on, cleaned, and already chopped to bite-size wedges) , cover the pot and allow to simmer in steam for about 8 minutes. Add water/stock to partially submerge the ingredients, then allow to simmer till squash is cooked. Add in partially cooked ground meat, then long beans (sliced to match-sticks length) then allow to cook in the stew-like dish.

Before you know it, the golden delicious sweet-savory sauce-gravy is developed. Sea salt and ground white pepper to taste.

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