Sweet Corns with Onions + homecooked "meatless" meal

It was all eating-out (thus, very meat-focused) during our move a couple of weeks ago. Not that we can't have veggie options but it's hard to find the quality and/or quantity of veggies we are looking for.

Now that the kitchen is ready and I am ready, it's time for a veggie-focused meal at least for the "first" meal. In fact, the first full meal cooked in this kitchen.

Fresh sweet corn of the season (shucked; corn off the cob), cooked with coconut oil, onions and leftover broccoli stems

Asparagus cooked with onions and garlic easily became a dish on the dinner table too.

Tomato fried with egg (right), plated together with stir-fried cabbage (left)

Is that enough vegetables for a meal? :p

It is particularly soothing to have these dishes with warm porridge, especially after days of eating out

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