Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Corn, Bell Peppers - a summer-fall dish!

If there is seasonal dish, then is there a shoulder-seasonal dish? Basically a dish that may bridge two seasons, for example summer's corn and bell peppers with fall's Brussel sprouts?

Too early for Brussel sprouts? Make sure to pick those with small compact heads, as they usually more tender and have a sweeter flavor than large ones.

A summer-fall dish - Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Corn Kernels and Bell Peppers; this dish is just it! Roasted Brussel sprouts tossed with roasted fresh corn kernels (shucked from corn on the cob) and bell peppers.

The Brussel sprouts are roasted in the same oven batch with the corn kernels and peppers; however roasted separately on different trays.WHY?

Roast Brussel sprouts seasoned with salt, black pepper, butter at 375F, ~30 mins

In the same oven, roast the corn kernels, diced bell peppers also seasoned with salt, black pepper butter, at 375F ~20 mins.

As the size of Brussel sprouts vs corn kernels and bell peppers are different, roasting them separately in different trays will effectively control the roasting time. For example, first roast the Brussel sprouts and after about 10mins, load in the tray of corn kernels and peppers to roast for about 20 mins. By this time, the Brussel sprouts would have roasted for about 30 mins. Also, roasting them separately will prevent moisture from the corn and bell peppers to mix with the Brussel sprouts while roasting. Another advantage is that the separately roasted corn and bell peppers can be used in other recipes and dishes without the flavors of Brussel sprouts interfering with the subsequent dish(es) or recipes.

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