Stir-Fry Watermelon Rind 清炒西瓜皮

This is a simple stir-fry of watermelon rind (西瓜皮)with garlic, soy sauce, finished off with a little sesame oil.

Not that I have not used typical fruit scraps or "remnants" in savory dishes such as Cantaloupe Roasted Chicken, or watermelon rind in chicken soups - I just have not thought of stir-frying watermelon rind in the past.

"Collecting" and "saving" watermelon rind 

Inspired by Little Corner of Mine savory use of watermelon rind, this stir-fry came to mind after "collecting" and "saving" the watermelon rind from a whole watermelon after a week. I really like this budget-friendly dish.

How far have you gone in "budgeting" your meals and cooking? Whether it is careful menu planning, grocery shopping strictly based on a list tied to a menu-plan, creatively utilizing leftovers - I would love to hear a few tips from you!

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