Stir-Fry Zucchini 清炒西葫芦

There are some ingredients that I never like in the past. Avocado was one of them. Then comes eggplant and zucchini. Gladly, these ingredients have become more acceptable to me now.

Zucchini is hardly a main ingredient in my kitchen until recently. Other than using it to make fritters, zucchini usually complements as a side in a main dish, paired with other squashes or vegetables in a soup or stew or used as a wrap.

With the bounty of zucchini this season, five zucchinis cost $1.10! How could I resist...

Did I say zucchini will be a main ingredient for today? With garlic, red chili pepper flakes, a little soy sauce and sesame oil added to Stir-Fry Zucchini 清炒西葫芦 how can this main ingredient not be a star ingredient?

I used to think that zucchini, similar to cucumber, is not much nutrient-dense; however it is a misconception. Zucchini is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium and folate. Sharing this Zucchini Stir-Fry with Weekend Herb Blogging hosted at Mele Cotte.

If you are holding on to a wok for everyday stir-fry, are you using a cast iron wok or stainless steel wok?

I am currently using a stainless steel wok that I bought from Taiwan while I was living there for a year. This wok has served me well for more than 3 years.

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