Avocado Bell Peppers Egg Omelette

I was never really a fan of avocado. Was. Until recently when I used it as spread on my toast (my Omega-3 rich sandwich!) ...

Oh my, ripe avocado mashed perfectly on warm toast is very appealing, indeed. Nah, I am not doing that today. For a change, I will just add thin slices/cubes of avocado into the egg omelette.

Avocado and Bell Pepper Omelet (Fried Egg)
In a lightly oiled cast iron skillet, pinch of cumin to toast, then add 1 tbsp of thinly sliced onion to aromatize. Once the onions start to caramelize, add 1/2 red bell pepper already diced and saute on the skillet. Whisk an egg, and gently pour the egg such that it covers the entire skillet surface. While the egg browns at the bottom (underside), add in cubed avocado on the egg surface that is still cooking, pinch of salt and pepper, then fold the egg to semi-circle, turn off the heat while the remaining heat cooks the egg. Serve.

An omelet for breakfast or to make a satisfying lunch by sandwiching between two slices of bread/toast.

Yes, you can slide this right into these pita pockets!

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