Shrimps and Hairy Melon Stir-Fry 鲜虾炒毛瓜

The budget version is with dried shrimps (虾米) while this is the lux version with shrimps/prawns.

Stir-Fry Hairy Melon with Shrimps 鲜虾炒毛瓜
The trick is to pan-fry the shrimps first, to get the shrimp flavor/essence in the oil; then in the same oil, sweat the onions to aromatize, followed by adding the Hairy Gourd/Melon (Mogua 毛瓜) to quickly saute then simmer in low heat to cook the squash. Finally, add the cooked shrimps back, and a little ground white pepper to taste.

The subtle fresh sweetness of hairy melon complements well with the seafood savory of the shrimps/prawns. A light-tasting yet well-balanced dish. Goes well with steamed rice.

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