Maitake Mushrooms with Garlic 清炒舞茸

Maitake mushrooms (舞茸) are less "meaty" compared to king oyster mushrooms but has a more woodsy flavor compared to the lighter flavored oyster mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms, also known as Hen of the Woods

Like most mushrooms, maitake mushrooms is a good source of Vitamin D that is normally found only in fortified products (where it is added, e.g. milk) or animal-based proteins.

Vitamin D also helps calcium and phosphorous absorption in the bloodstream and skeletal structures (Source:

Maitake Mushrooms Sauteed with Garlic and Green Onions 清炒舞茸
Simply showcase these mushrooms by a gently saute of the pre-marinated mushrooms (marinade: soy sauce and cooking wine) with garlic, green onions and finished off with pinch of toasted sesame seeds.

For me, a quick fix means serving them with noodles

As you may also have noticed recently, I have been cooking the simplest way (e.g stir-fry zucchini) using minimal ingredients and seasoning, in order to allow the true fresh flavors of a main ingredient to shine through.

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