Kabocha Squash, Okra, Green Beans Stew 焖南瓜秋葵

This is a home-cooked Filipino dish that I learned from my parents' helper L, during my recent Singapore trip. According to her, this is her favorite dish back in the Philippines and she can have it paired with steamed rice, every day.

To keep my memory of this dish fresh and intact, I tried to cook this dish when I was back in the Bay Area.

Verbally, L has told me that some toasted (crispy) ikan bilis can be added to the dish for added flavor. However, for this round, I decided to keep it vegetarian with kabocha squash, okra and green beans.

Did you also see that the skin of the squash was left intact? Ever since I found that the skin can be cooked down to soft and tender, I have not wasted it! The skin is great source of fiber and I am sure it has nutrition value too. Just make sure to rinse it clean, before cooking.

I have cooked this dish many times since. This dish is best paired with steamed rice (think of the golden creamy squash sauce!) but because the gravy is so creamy delicious, it can also pair with thick strand-type noodles that pick up the sauce as the noodles are slurped!

Kabocha Squash with Okra and Green Beans
Saute 1/4 onion thinly sliced, 2-3 cloves bruised garlic roughly chopped/minced in a pan and after about 2-3 minutes add 1/2 tomato roughly chopped and cook till tomatoes break down. Add 2 tbsp water, add 1/4 kabocha squash chopped to bite-size and simmer medium heat for about 8-10minutes. When the squash is partially cooked, add about 12 okra, and about 16 green beans to the mixture, mix well, and allow the entire mixture to simmer about 8 minutes to cook. Salt and ground white pepper to taste.

It is officially fall and I definitely look forward to kabocha squash as my pumpkin alternative.

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