Coffeemakers, toasters, microwave ovens - your source for Hotel Amenities

Initially, I thought it was some kind of hotel resort, not knowing that is about Hotel Supplies with a full range of products that cover even the most trivial needs of customers. I never thought the range of hotel supplies and equipment can be so wide.

This Hotel Amenities Supplier covers bath products such as bath rugs, mirror, laundry baskets; bedding such as mattresses, pillows, comforters; electronics such as DVD players, portable stereos; and household styles appliances such as ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, and even juicers! Not limited to hotel room amenities, this company also take cares of public spaces and decor in hotel including fitness equipment, art and prints, patio furniture and grills. PeachSuite Hotel Supply is about making the hotel guests feel at home whether it is leisure, family or business travel. If you are a small business hotel/motel owner or runs a family-style inn, then you not only equip your hotel rooms with household products, you also make sure it is business-friendly with all kinds of office products from computer supplies, data storage to desk and meeting supplies.

I never thought so extensively about equipping a hotel, not to say running it. But as a wholesale distributor, PeachSuite is definitely an all-rounder in terms of providing services, products and value to their customer - the small business owners.