Oyster Mushrooms with Broccoli “鸡丝”清炒西兰花

There used to be a time when meat dishes are made vegetarian with abundant use of "mock" or faux meat (typically wheat gluten). However, with the variety of flavors and textures of tofu (egg tofu, five-spice tofu; medium, firm, extra-firm etc.) and mushrooms (beech mushrooms, king oyster etc.) currently available, mock meat made using gluten can now be easily substituted with tofu and/or mushrooms.

Does this plate of stir-fry look like it has shredded chicken breast meat? It does it does!

But...NO. These are actually king oyster mushrooms that have been torn and shredded by hand!

Stir-Fry King Oyster Mushrooms with Broccoli "鸡丝"清炒西兰花
Saute onions and carrots till onions become translucent and soft. Add in garlic and mushrooms (mushrooms already marinated with soy sauce and cooking wine) and mix well with onions and carrots. When the mushrooms are slightly cooked down, add water/stock and allow the mushrooms to simmer to cook further (resulting sauce/gravy to reduce) and flavors to infuse. Add in blanched broccoli, mix well, then pinch of sea salt and ground white pepper to taste.

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