Shrimp (Prawn) Cakes or Patties 虾饼

This is what instant cravings are about. My friend was talking about making shrimp cakes/patties for her boy and I felt like having some all of a sudden too! It's been long since I've cooked shrimps cakes. The last time was when I made Kaffir Lime Leaf Shrimp Cakes. So it's time to re-do some old dishes, giving them a fresh new spin.

Sing...Do you see what I see? The bits of "whole" shrimps on the shrimp cakes? This was intended (see Note in Recipe below) to add more bite to the shrimp cakes.

Now, how about some Easy Peasy Shrimp Cakes? Yes....Peasy...cos' of the sweet peas in the shrimp cakes. Notice some whole peas on the shrimp cakes too (see Note1 in Recipe below).

To make a meal out of them, how about making some sliders? Sandwich them between mini buns. Yes! Shrimp Patty Sliders - 6 in a row as one meal!

OK. The bread is to fill you up so that I can have all of the other shrimp cakes. :D

Pea and Shrimp Cakes/Patties (Easy Peasy Shrimp Cakes)
Ingredients: 10-12 medium size shrimps, peeled de-veined and mince them to a paste using chopping knife (Note: Keep one shrimp aside without mincing - slice the shrimp to small thin pieces to place on top of each shrimp cake); 4-5 sprigs of cilantro, finely chopped; 2 tbsp sweet peas, roughly mash 1 tbsp of peas while keep the other half of peas, whole (Note1: to give levels of textures in the shrimp cake); dash of curry powder, red chili powder, ground white pepper, sea salt; 1tsp egg white

Directions: Roughly mash 1tbsp of the sweet peas into the shrimp paste. Mix with cilantro and spices, including egg white to bind. Make about 4-5 flat and round shrimps cakes from the shrimp paste, shaping them flat and round and lay them on a flat plate/baking paper. [From Note and Note1 above: Press 2-3 whole peas and 1 small shrimp piece onto each shrimp cake before they pan-fried]. Heat up cast iron pan and when hot, gently slide 2 cakes in each frying batch (do not overcrowd) into the pan. Pan-fry - about 2 minutes per side (till each side slightly brown and crisp up), both sides.

These shrimp cakes are substantially made from shrimps, and nothing else. They are absolutely delicious and make perfect snacks and appetizers!

It does not always have to be a full-course meal when cooking for family. As long as it is cooked from the heart, fuss-free for the cook, nutritious and delicious for the family - it is food (be it appetizers, snacks, entrees, desserts) to be enjoyed altogether.

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