Chicken Liver and Tomatoes Pasta 鸡肝番茄意大利面

Chicken livers, anyone? Innards? I do not mind, just that I seldom cook it as it is hassle prep. work that involves cleaning and marinating to rid the smell. Certain cuisines calls for soaking chicken liver in milk prior to cooking, then using cooking wine in the cooking process.

In Chinese cuisine, chicken liver is typically marinated in Shaoxing cooking wine, soy sauce and some slices of ginger - to rid the strong smell. Cover and chill for at least 30 minutes.

The nutrition of chicken liver has been covered previously. It is high in Vitamin A (surpasses that of milk, egg and fish)., Vitamin B-group (B6 and B12), iron (10 times higher than the meat itself),  DHA (YESsss, DHA!!! for learning, intelligence, and visual acuity) and is a good source of protein. When consumed in moderation, chicken liver can be good for a toddler's vision development. Like cod liver oil, chicken liver is a nutrient-packed superfood supplement that can help boost energy, muscle growth, brain power, and general health.

This Chicken Liver Pasta dish is actually a two-step process. First,  pre-fry the chicken liver to par-cook to livers,  set aside; then cook the sauce (of the pasta) and add the chicken livers back to the sauce and allow flavors to develop.

Organic Chicken Liver and Tomatoes Capellini (Angel Hair Pasta) 鸡肝番茄意大利面
Pre-fry ~ 1/4 lb organic chicken liver (cleaned and marinated) with 2 green onions cut to finger lengths. When the chicken livers are browned, set aside. Use the same pan, add a little oil and sweat 2-3tbsp finely chopped onions then add 1 roma tomato chopped to bite-size and fry with the onions. When onions start to caramelized, add in chicken liver and allow to simmer at low-med heat till livers are cooked through. (Note: any time if mixture is too dry, add a little water). Add in par-cooked Capellini (Angel Hair) pasta and allow the pasta to absorb the sauce and fully cook to al-dente at the same time.


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