Mushrooms with Gai Lan Chinese Broccoli “鸡丝”芥兰

Remember this broccoli dish? I also did the same (vegetarian "shredded chicken") with Gai Lan - Chinese broccoli, with a slightly different execution.

Oyster Mushrooms with Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) “鸡丝”芥兰
First, stir-fry the Gai Lan with garlic, cooking wine, salt and ground white pepper to taste - dish out on a plate. Then saute/stir fry the mushrooms (already marinated with soy sauce and cooking wine) till cooked, ground white pepper to taste, then top the mushrooms over the Gai Lan.

Again, it looked like shredded chicken on a plate of green veggies, right?

I have cooked the simplest dishes and repeating a lot of my older recipes even when the "new" kitchen is supposed to inspire me. Oh, what have I been doing...what have I been doing?

Well, I hardly update much on my personal side besides the personal side of kitchen stuff, cooking and such; but I do have to confess that sometime last year, I was kinda hooked to two Korean dramas - Pasta and Secret Garden. Strangely, I was never a huge fan of K-drama but I can actually watch Pasta twice! Besides being centered around food, the restaurant, and the kitchen, I enjoy the positive tone of this drama. For once, no revenge and no plotting against one another but a lighthearted story that makes me want to laugh many times even though I don't understand Korean language and solely depend on the English subtitles to help me get through 20 episodes. Yes. 20 episodes on English subtitles and I can watch it twice! So now, this is where all the cooking time has gone to!!!

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