Get free product samples (they are travel-friendly too!)

Ever since the restriction on fluids was implemented on flights bounded to or within the US, I find myself learning how to pack toiletries more effectively. If the vacation is more than a week and via international flights, I will usually pack my toiletries - typical medium-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioners, mouthwash etc. with the check-in luggage. However, with short two-three day vacation within the domestic US, I usually don't check in the luggage, so everything (including toiletries) has to pack nicely into the carry-on.
With that, there is a need to maximize carry-on luggage space and I find typical 8-10oz bottles of toiletries very bulky and of course, subjected to air restrictions/regulations. In the past few short trips, I have brought along sample-sizes of shampoo, conditioners, cleansers and even moisturizers. They are travel-friendly, definitely. After using up those samples in about two to three days, I don't even have to bring them back home. Yes, it is use-then-discard. Such free samples are available when you sign up with a website such as is a website that lists categorically a wide range of free samples that you can obtain by mail and/or online. I was looking at free stuff 2013 and just received an Amazon $2 MP3 credit. Online freebies are also easy to obtain e.g. free 7-day pass to 24hr fitness clubs and free life insurance quotes.