Soybeans Ikan Bilis Stock, Broth 黄豆江鱼仔汤底

Never be stingy on tomatoes, here I said.

An aura of insecurity fills the the kitchen one day....

Not a single tomato at home!


It's like losing the ability to cook! A little exaggeration maybe but truly, I feel comfortable when the kitchen is well-stocked with tomatoes. Even a single tomato left in the pantry or kitchen would leave me feeling assured as I know very well that with any other ingredients in the kitchen or fridge, there is bound to be something I can put together, and done rather quickly.

Do you have an ingredient you cannot do without ? Not having it makes you insecure?

Okay. Not having onions and garlic makes me insecure too.

As 2012 drew an end with these fanciful vegetarian wonton cups appetizers, the challenge today on my first 2013 posting, is to return to the basics - making a quick tasty stock/broth without tomatoes; so here, a stock/broth made with organic soy beans and dried anchovies (ikan bilis).

This broth is usually what makes the Yong Tau Foo (酿豆腐) soup-base in hawker stalls and eateries back in Singapore. The clear broth is light-tasting, savory and suitable as a soup-base for vegetables and tofu/stuffed tofu.

And now I found my survival route in the absence of tomatoes! :)

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