Black Sesame Steel-Cut Oats - 芝麻燕麦

Steel-cut oats (also known as pinhead oats) is considered a new addition to my pantry. It takes relatively longer time to cook compared to regular rolled oats. However, with Country Choice Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats, I find myself enjoying steel-cut oats more than ever as it makes a wholesome breakfast without the hassle of breaking the time-bank. The whole oat kernel is CUT into small pieces creating an oatmeal with distinctive chewy texture. As the name implies, one is CUT (thus steel-cut) and the other (regular rolled oat) is ROLLED.

With quick-cook steel-cut oats, the oat kernel is cut into smaller pieces, reducing duration to cook. Nutty goodness!

In the winter mornings, a bowl of warm and cooked steel-cut oats warms up one's soul and body to a brand new day. For those are are vegetarians who seek other avenues of iron, you can opt to stir in some ground black sesame powder (ratio of oats to black sesame powder is about 3:1) as black sesame is high in iron.

Good day!

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