Silkie Black Chicken Soup 红枣桂圆枸杞乌鸡汤

The last time I cooked silkie black chicken soup was last year around the same time period of Jan/Feb (winter months). This time, dried red dates and dried longan were added for sweet warm notes. The two ingredients together with sweet gojiberries, complement the mild savory flavors of the soup.

This soup is especially nourishing for the colder months.

I am using the Tatung Indirect Heating Stainless Steel Rice Cooker that "steams" the soup using indirect heat, rather than boil the soup under direct "fire" or heat.

Silke Black Chicken Soup 红枣桂圆枸杞乌鸡汤

The soup was "cooked" twice. First, the black chicken* was cooked ("boiled") with ginger, green onions, dried longans and dried red dates to release the flavors of the ingredients. (*Note: Silkie black chicken is available either in the fresh poultry or frozen poultry section, in selected Asian supermarkets - 99 Ranch in California, USA).

Then fresh shiitake mushrooms and bunashimeji mushrooms were added to the soup, cooked (and "boiled") again for a shorter time though, to allow all the flavors to infuse.

Finally, when cooked, the gojiberries/wolfberries were added, pot covered for about 5 minutes just enough time for the berries to rehydrate and soften.

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