Three-Cup Mushrooms 全素三杯菇

Instead of making Three-Cup Chicken, the proteins were switched up with a mixture of Enoki and Oyster mushrooms making this a perfect vegetarian dish.

The Asian/Ethnic (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean) grocery stores in California are well-stocked with a variety of fresh mushrooms such as Enoki, Bunashimeji (Beech), Oyster, Shiitake and sometimes, Maitake.

Other than Enoki* that I seldom go for as the long thin stems are harder to digest, I buy the rest quite often. However, I chose Enoki for this dish as the stringy long stems are just like these "shredded" Oyster mushrooms.

This not only ensures uniform cooking but while enjoying the dish, it gives a more pleasurable bite just like slurping and chewing noodles

Three-Cup Mushrooms 全素三杯菇
Heat sesame oil in the wok. Add in green onions, red chili and aromatize then add in cooking wine and soy sauce pre-marinated mushrooms, in the wok. Fry till mushrooms are tender and cooked. Add basil last (as cooking quickly destroys the flavor).

Lovely! I may need to add more basil next time as the basil flavors were subtle and almost got lost in the dish!

I have used sweet basil (light green and wide leaves) for this dish though Thai basil (with purple stems) would have been preferred in the making of this popular Three-Cup Mushrooms.

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