Seafood Boullabaise Pasta

There ain't any fish bones to make fish stock but that does not stop me from thinking and craving seafood bouillabaisse. Thinking + craving means finding a place (to eat out) that serves the dish, or cooking it. And when you can kill two birds with one stone - make seafood bouillabaisse and make a one-dish seafood bouillabaisse pasta (adapted from, why not?

Even if there were no fish stock, the flavorful broth was cooked up by simmering the seafood in the celery, onions, tomato and garlic base. In no time, a briny flavorful pasta broth as the sauce. Yum!

There was a pack of Trader Joes frozen seafood (medley of shrimps, clams, squid) that made it easier for me; and in place of fennel, celery was used.

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