No-Cook Sardines Sandwiches 沙丁鱼三明治

There were suggestions about making no-cook sardines when I cooked sardines in this spicy tomato-onion sauce. Thank you so much for the reminder! Absolutely love the no-cook part of it and of course, the spice and flavors that it brings.

These canned tomato sardines mashed with thinly sliced shallots, thinly sliced chili padi (bird's eye chili) and squirts of lime juice, made perfect sandwich fillings.

Added some thinly sliced green onions to the mix!

Also added thinly sliced organic romaine lettuce, organic cucumber, and hard-boiled eggs for a more substantial filling.

I am definitely making this more often!

Look! I also made some open-face sandwiches with this sardine pâté and enjoyed it very much with thinly sliced "matchsticks" apples which cuts through the otherwise savory pungent strong sardines taste and smell.

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