Tofu-Based Shirataki Noodles Soup

I have seen it many times especially in the health grocery stores, but it never made its way into my grocery cart until today.

Noodles! Huh? That's ordinary!

Well, not your ordinary wheat, rice or egg noodles but these tofu-based shirataki-style noodles.

Traditionally, shirataki noodles are made from the root of a plant, typically potato or yam. However, tofu-based shirataki noodles are becoming increasingly popular due to the added protein.

This soup is just tonnes of flavors with the use of homemade organic chicken stock, homemade ikan bilis organic soy-bean stock, and organic ground chicken/pork mix.

Oh, don't they look like flat rice noodles ? or the Italian Fettuccine?

The noodles are rather bland, so a flavorful broth or soup really helped to lift the taste of this dish.

Would I buy this tofu shirataki noodles again? No, as I still prefer the starchy chewy texture of traditional noodles.

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