Gado Gado - Peanut Sauce Vegetables Salad

With cucumber, turnip, pineapples, bean sprouts - think Asian-style salad and Rojak comes to mind. With long beans, cabbage, tofu - think Asian-style salad and Gado Gado it is. Both are similarly salads yet distinctive in their own dressings: Rojak in a shrimp-paste-based dressing while Gado Gado in a peanut-based dressing

I have not made Gado Gado for a long long, long long time (you can check when was the last time I prepared Gado Gado at home). Oh cravings, cravings, I blame it on you. Without a complete list of Gado Gado ingredients, stubbornness insistently played along. So I had to make it WORK, anyhow.

Well, in my view, as long as you know how to make a delicious spicy peanut sauce - you are 90% to complete satisfaction. The remaining 10% is to steam/blanch the vegetables (long beans, cabbage), pan-fry the tofu and prepare hard-boiled eggs.

This not only makes a balanced and mouth-watering side dish, it is also a tasty appetizer plate of vegetables.

To speed up the process, I used bottled spicy satay peanut sauce (Glory Brand, photo below). If you are lucky, you might be able to find this sauce from 99 Ranch supermarkets around California.

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