Tuscan Bean Soup

This Tuscan Bean Soup recipe is adapted from Saveur.com and I enjoyed every part of it. I have actually cooked it many times, more frequently in the winter months of December, January and February when such a hearty and wholesome soup is called for. That said, it is suitable anytime if you are a "soup" person, like me.

Oh, beans and my "Smart" hand blender surely thickens up this soup well, very well.

What you see on the left - the red Cuisinart hand-blender (also the #1 Best Sellers of Hand-Blenders in Amazon!) is the exact one that I have. I bought it around Thanksgiving/Christmas period last year and it has been my go-to gadget whenever quick and hassle-free comes to mind, making a pureed or stew-like soup. Every step can be achieved in the same pot without having to transfer the soup to a separate food blender/food processor.

This soup is a one-pot, rightfully balanced with vegetables, beans (proteins) and carbs (potatoes). Thick and chunky but without the use of any cream!

At the end of mellow-simmer, the soup is full of flavors! Mind you, I did not use vegetable stock, just water! So the amazing act of onion, celery, carrots, beans, squash and kale. Not forgetting the beans which I adapted slightly to using chickpeas/garbanzoand black-eyed peas.

Don't feel like adding potatoes? You can add some pasta too! Or in my case, get fresh oven-baked bread and start dipping!

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