Biryani-Inspired Spiced Quinoa Pilaf

It has been months since I last cooked quinoa. I ran out of it and never had a chance to replenish it until I visited Costco where I would usually get a 3-4lb bag (truRoots Organic Quinoa) for less than $10.

Today, this quinoa dish is inspired by biryani, with the use of spices:

  • cloves
  • star anise
  • cardamon
  • fennel
  • cumin
  • coriander 
  • turmeric

Other ingredients in this Biryani-Inspired Spiced Quinoa include roasted cashews, onions, carrots, raisins; then topped with green onions before serving.

Whatever that can be done with rice, I have tried using quinoa as the replacement/alternative: Fried rice, rice congee, sushi, savory patties, and now a pilaf-like dish.

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