Bolognese Meat Sauce Rice Rolls 肉酱肠粉

Who can resist paper-thin fresh rice rolls? Shrimp-filled or Char-Siew (BBQ pork), sometimes even filled with fried dough sticks (炸两)! Steamed rice rolls can be one of the most popular dim-sum item when you visit a Chinese dim-sum restaurant. Even the plainest fresh steamed rice rolls can be so delicious, when simply drizzled with a soy-based sauce.

How about those pre-packaged rice rolls that are available in the Asian supermarket? I will settle for that if (1) I do not make my own rice rolls and (2) do not have the luxury to be near any dim-sum restaurant/eatery that opens as early as 7am for breakfast.

This is my second experiment to turn pre-packaged rice rolls to breakfast.

Personally I do not like to plainly steam those pre-packaged rice rolls for the simple reason that these pre-packaged rice rolls were not made fresh on the spot in the first place. Either I fry it or...

have them steamed together in a sauce such as bolognese. Who would have thought a bolognese (leftover) sauce would come in handy for breakfast?

Oh yeah, oh it is! Delicious.

All you have to do is to prepare a steamer. Slice the rice rolls, place on a plate and top with bolognese sauce. When steamer is ready, steam the rolls with sauce for about 12-15 minutes. This is optional but if you have cucumber on hand, julienne the cucumber and garnish over the rice rolls bolognese. Then it becomes almost like Zhajiang noodles.

Who would have thought this can be so delicious and satisfying for breakfast? Well, lunch and dinner works too if you ask me. It is a personal preference.

I am glad that Daphne from More than Words was inspired by the stir-frying/pan-frying idea then pan-fried her version with Chinese sausage, dried shrimps and chives!

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