Krill (Dried Shrimps) Cabbage Rice 磷虾/虾皮菜饭

How does this bowl of rice look?

Basic? Simple? Strange? Unfamiliar? Well...

Fragrant, delicious, homey, easy to prepare and cook.  LOVEeeee!

Krill (Dried Shrimps) Cabbage Rice 磷虾/虾皮菜饭
Aromatize the dried krill and dried baby shrimps in hot oil, then dash(es) of ground black pepper, then add cabbage, fry and mix well. Set aside. Get the rice (already gently rinsed) ready in the electric cooker, add in required amount of water (2 cups of rice to about 2.5 cups of water), then add in cabbage mixture on top. Add about 2 cups of water to the outer pot, then set the Tatung Stainless Steel Rice Cooker to cook. You can use any other rice cooker for this dish - but note that you may need to use less water than what you would normally use when you cook rice.

All thanks to Food Makes Me Happy (and her Mom) for the inspiration. I adapted their dish (1)without the ground pork; (2) used a combination of dried krill 磷虾 and dried baby shrimps (sakura ebi) 虾皮; and (3) used multi-grains (a combination of brown rice, pearl barley, oat, lentils) as the "rice.

I am sure the rice will taste even better with the mince (ground meat). Next time, perhaps. Without doubt, this is a keeper for me! I will definitely cook it again. Time to head to the Japanese supermarket to get more dried krill or sakura ebi!

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