Grilled Yellowtail Collar (Hamachi Kama)

If you are wondering which part of the fish is this and what fish is this, stop the guesswork. It is the collar part of yellow-tail fish, also known as Hamachi Kama if you happened to see that at the seafood section in the Japanese supermarket or in the Japanese restaurant menu.

Which happens first for you? Buy a new ingredient for the first time, then goes searching for the easiest recipe ever to cook it; or find a recipe first, then goes buying that new ingredient(s) you have always wanted to try?
Oh, this collar of the yellow-tail fish is really the best part and if you can make it perfect - enjoy the delicate, sweet and moist tender flesh and crispy skin of the fish. So good!

Inspired by Just One Cookbook to make grilled Hamachi Kama at home for the first time (yes, I have missed out lots!), this is one example of finding the "easiest recipe ever", then getting this new item I have always wanted to try. Since then, I can never resist buying yellow-tail collar from the Japanese supermarket (e.g. Mitsuwa in San Jose, CA or Marukai in Cupertino, CA) whenever it goes on sale. Though it can be quite pricey (about $14/lb when not-on-sale; usually comes to about $8+/- per collar of the fish/per pack), it is still cheaper than in the restaurants.

Grilled Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Collar)
Cook/grill them in the oven or if you are looking for some new excitement on your outdoor grill, then I strongly recommend these yellow-tail collars. As the yellow-tail is also quite an oily fish, it is able to withstand the heat from the grill without drying out too fast. That means perfectly cooked fish with crispy skin (Note: remember, skin-side down when grilling) PLUS delicate and moist flesh. In the oven, or on the outdoor grill, I have tried both ways and the fish is always so delicious!

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