Vegetables in Ground Sesame Dressing 芝麻蔬菜沙拉

Recently, I have been making this sesame seeds-dressed salad quite often, and enjoying it very much. First this salad is very easy to put together. But which salad is not?

In addition, while grinding the roasted sesame seeds in my handy mortar and pestle, the aroma is indescribably good and when the salad is finally made, it exudes a lingering nutty aroma with those touch(es) of roasted ground sesame.

Grinding roasted sesame seeds

Organic Greens in Sesame Dressing
Blanch organic greens (combo of baby spinach, baby kale, baby chard) 30 secs (or less) in boiling water, dish out, set aside. Squeeze out remaining water from the greens. Finely mince/chop the greens. In a deep bowl, add 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp sugar then add the finely minced greens, add in 2 tbsp ground roasted sesame seeds, mix and combine well.

Sesame-dressed organic greens salad in the making...

I can eat this on its own, non-stop, seriously; as it is very light. You can also serve this as an appetizer or as a side with rice or noodles.

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