Honey Soy-Sauce Chicken

Food preferences change, from us being a kid to an adult. However, there are some "likes", "dislikes" or habits that never change.

For example, I never had a sweet tooth since I was young and my addiction to anything savory has been consistent - from Twisties, Chickadees as a kid to my current go-to potato chips - they are all savory.

From chicken wings then to chicken wings now - yes, I never like any other parts of the chicken except the wings and perhaps the back-bones(carcass) of the chicken.

Do you have any food habits that drastically change or did not change at all?

Come specific about the wings - I prefer the mid-joint and wing tips to the drummettes. But some things come in a package, so when I bought whole wings from Trader Joes, I sliced and chopped them into three parts - drummettes, mid-joint, and tips; kept the mid-joint and and wing tips for other dishes and used those drummettes for these Honey Soy Chicken Drummettes that is adapted from Nami Cookbook.

As I did not have sake, I used Chinese cooking wine. I also sprinkled some roasted sesame seeds over. But the key was still the honey and soy mixture for the sweet and savory flavors. Love!

Such an easy recipe too! Love!

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