Asparagus Soup (without cream) 芦笋浓汤

2022 update: As part of sharing frugal kitchen tips/tricks and zero-waste kitchen, this is an updated post focusing on saving the fibrous bottom stems of asparagus (which are often discarded as the tender top stems are consumed) to make soup. While the original post was about blanching the bottom stems, today's update is roasting the bottom stems as it imparts more flavors into the blended soup.

[Preparing asparagus] Separate the fibrous bottom end and less fibrous top spears - hold the entire spear at both ends and gently bend the spear till it breaks into two (where the spear naturally snaps), leaving you with tender less fibrous top spears and more fibrous bottom stems. Make Asparagus with Maitake Mushroom Stir-Fry with the tender tops while keeping the bottom stems to make Asparagus Soup.
[Roasting asparagus bottoms] 400F/20-30mins, roast asparagus with chopped onions/green onions, garlic powder and black pepper. To save time cutting onions, use onion powder instead of chopped onions/green onions.
[Making soup] Recipe found in the original post below using immersion blender or use power blender with option to add cream/milk for thicker soup consistency.

---Original posted 2013---
The entire asparagus - bottom stems (peeled) and spear tops usually end up as stir-fries in my kitchen. However, when tender tips are used for steaming or in en-papillote recipes, the bottom stems are saved for a soup like this Asparagus Soup.

Asparagus Soup 芦笋浓汤
All you need is homemade chicken stock (made by boiling chicken, ginger and onions). Vegetarians can use homemade vegetable broth. First, blanch the bottom stems of the asparagus, allow to cool. Reheat/boil homemade chicken stock (or vegetable stock/broth), then add in bunch of bottom stems. When stems soften, turn off the heat. Puree using hand-blender. Salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with fresh green/spring onions and serve warm.

A spring light lunch - soup served with "flat-bread" pizza!