Lavash Bread Pizza 香脆薄皮比萨

See that flatbread pizza lurking out there with Asparagus Soup? Other than whole wheat pita bread, the other bread that I buy often, more so recently, is lavash bread which also happens to be my recent new favorite from Trader Joes. Lavash bread is a thin, soft flatbread popular in Middle East. I use lavash bread like any other bread - slather peanut butter and jelly then roll it up, or as flatbread for pizza. I am for thin-crust pizza anytime, anyway.

As lavash bread is thin, a short baking time is recommended in the oven as baking them too long under high heat will dry them out and burn the bread. It is also advisable to keep the sauces (if any) very light so that the sauce does not make the flatbread soggy.

In order for the lavash bread pizza to bake fast in the oven, the mushrooms were first sauteed with spring onions. Other than grated cheese, no other sauce (s) was used as the "binder" for the pizza toppings.

Mushrooms, Cheese, Tomato Lavash Bread Pizza
Saute thinly sliced mushrooms and spring onions (white bottom parts only) till they soften up and caramelize. The caramelization adds flavor as the pizza topping. Since no sauce was used, this caramelization also imparts flavor to the pizza. Grate cheddar cheese on the lavash bread, scatter the mushroom + spring onions mixture over the cheese, add thin slices of tomato (pulp and seeds already removed for other uses), grate more cheese over, then bake in preheated 385-390F oven for about 10 minutes.

Serve with soups as such Asparagus Soup, Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Soup.

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