Artichoke Lavash Flatbread Pizza 洋蓟比萨饼

Not all frozen food are bad. There are some frozen ingredients/food such as frozen peas and corns that are time-savers in the kitchen. Frozen vegetables such as peas and corns are frozen at source, to lock the nutrients loss that fresh vegetables usually suffer during packing and shipping (transportation).

Another frozen food/ingredient that I have discovered recently is frozen artichoke hearts. That really save me a lot of prep. time for artichokes. I stay away from bottled artichoke hearts as they are usually marinated, overpowering the taste of the actual artichoke hearts most of the times.

"Why not fresh whole artichokes instead?" you asked. Well, I decided that it was too much work getting to the core -heart of the artichoke. Thus, frozen artichoke became my intermediate solution between whole fresh artichoke and bottled marinated artichoke hearts.

With this new discovery, making this Artichoke, Pea and Corn Lavash Flatbread Pizza was so easy.

Artichoke, Pea and Corn Lavash Flatbread Pizza
About six to eight frozen artichoke hearts (from Trader Joes),thawed
Handful of frozen peas, thawed
Handful frozen corn, thawed
Mild cheddar cheese to fill the surface of the lavash bread
1/2 lavash bread
Pinch of black pepper

Directions: Pre-heat oven 395F.  Sprinkle some cheese gratings over the bread, top the bread with artichoke, peas and corns. Do not over-load the flatbread since lavash bread pizza is thin-crust and may not hold the weight of too many ingredients.  Top with more cheese gratings. Pinch of black pepper across the pizza. Bake for abut 10-12 mins. Serve with homemade Asparagus Soup

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