Couscous Sushi

You may want to look closer. This is not your everyday sushi.

They are made with couscous instead of using traditional sushi rice. Since I did not have sushi rice, it was switched out with another "grain" that might be suitable. As I have been using couscous quite often and pretty comfortable that the texture (soft, just a little sticky, not too wet) might work well as an alternative.

Well, it did. It worked out well and what was better - couscous is practically "no-cook". So now, whenever I feel like eating sushi, it can almost be instant. Since cooking sushi rice takes time vs cooking couscous that take not much time (5 mins at most, of course plus the cooling duration for the couscous before putting it on the nori seaweed).

The sushi can be filled with ground sesame leafy greens or other fillings such as cooked eggs, kimchi, cucumber and bell peppers.

Couscous sushi in the making

Sesame-Dressed Organic Greens Couscous Sushi

To get a sense of proportion, 1/2 cup uncooked couscous will make about 2-3 sushi rolls

Steps and other sushi fillings you can use

I have also experimented with egg, kimchi, radish shoots to fill the sushi roll but I still prefer the fresh fragrant ground sesame-dressed leafy greens.

With the successful use of couscous, sushi can now be a (almost) instant meal to prepare since it has taken away the chore of cooking white sushi rice. For those who pack their lunch to work, this makes an ideal BYO lunch!

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