Ground Sesame Peanut Butter Noodles 自制芝麻酱拌面

This is pure sesame goodness with a little peanut love.

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, and a very good source of vitamin B1 (thiamin) and dietary fiber. The nutrients found in sesame seeds may also offer cardiovascular benefits, support respiratory health and offer protection against colon cancer. (Source:

Other than using the toasted seeds as sprinkles/garnishes/toppings, and grinding the seeds as a paste for sauces and dressings, the seeds are also commercially pressed for their oils and used for cooking. In Chinese cooking, toasted sesame oil (pressed from roasted sesame seeds) is often used as a-few-drops-drizzle finishing touch to a dish, especially to accentuate the nutty aroma at the end. The lighter-colored non-toasted sesame oil with a relatively higher smoke point is then typically reserved for frying.

Ground Sesame-Peanut Butter Pasta/Noodles 自制芝麻酱拌面
The "bottom-of-the-jar peanut-butter" trick came at the right time for this simply dressed Angel Hair pasta (Capellini).

Ground roasted white sesame, a little soy sauce, sugar, a little water (pasta water* to be exact) were added to the almost-empty peanut butter jar (with peanut butter still remaining on the walls of the jar), the jar given a good shake, then the ground sesame-peanut butter dressing gently poured over and mixed in with the thin Angel Hair pasta; Sprinkle some roasted black sesame seeds over the pasta.

*Note: After boiling the pasta, the pasta water was saved to use in making the dressing

If you have roasted ground black sesame seeds, you can also add some into the dressing; however, the proportion of black sesame seeds should be much lesser than white sesame seeds when used in the dressing. Though black sesame has higher level of anti-oxidants than white sesame, you do not want the bitter richness of black sesame to over-power the nutty aromatic flavors of the white.

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