Arugula and Cucumbers Pasta Salad

Yes to more salad-type one-dish meals, and more easy and light cooking. This is how summertime has changed our eating habits. In the hot summer days, a flavorful pasta salad that is easy to put together is definitely welcoming to the appetite which yearns for light and refreshing taste. What's better - a pasta salad that also stands as a main dish.

Today, I am using peppery arugula and cooling cucumbers in a pasta salad with tomatoes - Summer Pasta Salad with Arugula, Cucumber and Tomatoes. You can use your favorite greens and combine them with juicy and sweet summertime tomatoes. That always works, almost. How about trying this Heirloom Tomatoes Baby Kale Pasta and Chinese Broccoli and Tomatoes Pasta?

Summer Pasta Salad with Arugula, Cucumber and Tomatoes
Saute arugula in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and tomatoes (done in 5 minutes or less) then tossed with thinly sliced cucumber and cooked pasta. Pinch of salt to taste. Note: Personally, I was looking for a more garlic-infused flavor in the arugula and in the pasta salad, so I had the arugula and garlic lightly sauteed. You can also do without the stove and toss in raw arugula with the freshly cooked pasta that is still piping hot (the arugula will just wilt in the warm temperature of the cooked pasta).

That's how easy it is!

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