Edible Chrysanthemum Shungiku Salad 芝麻酱茼蒿

Yet again I am making this salad. There is a choice of leafy vegetables to use. Previously I have tried the combo of organic baby chard, spinach, kale.

Now, I am making the same salad dressing for Edible Chrysanthemum (Shungiku in Japan, 茼蒿 Tong-Ho in Mandarin). The Edible Chrysanthemum from the Japanese supermarket is quite different - leaves are bright green and fresh-looking while stems are long, slender and much more tender; compared to those from the Chinese supermarket - where the leaves sometimes have wilted, appears dull green and the stems much more fibrous.

Not only is Shungiku suitable in soups/hotpots, there are definitely good for salads!

Shungiku in Ground Sesame Dressing 茼蒿拌芝麻
Similar to this recipe, the leaves of the greens are blanched,  allow to cool, any water/moisture squeezed out, then leaves are finely chopped. Make a soy sauce, sugar, ground sesame dressing then mix well into the cooled down vegetables.

Sharing this with Souper Sunday and Hearth and Soul.


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