Roasted Vegetables Couscous

Sometimes it is much easier to put together a dish like this Roasted Vegetables Couscous when there is no desire to stand behind a stove for even 15 minutes. With leftover pesto (previously frozen) thawed, roasted Brussel sprouts and organic red bell peppers, this dish can be prepared and cooked without much effort.

Roasted Vegetables Couscous
Thinly slice/chop the Brussel sprouts and bell peppers and roast them 375F in a pre-heated oven for about 20-25mins. In the meantime, cook the couscous by adding boiling water to couscous, cover and allow it to cook in 5 mins. Fluff it up when done. When the roasted veggies are ready, add pesto (optional) and roasted veggies to couscous and mix well again.

This is definitely fuss-free cooking at its best, not forgetting the tasty roasted sweetness from the veggies, and robust garlic herby pesto, mixed in with the couscous. This can be served with Teriyaki chicken, and seaweed soup.

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