Blanched Lettuce Stems, Chayote, Enoki Mushrooms

Except for the cucumbers (done "salad" style, raw), I cannot believe I blanched the entire dinner!

At the top, blanched lettuce stems ; at the bottom, blanched chayote; on the right, blanched enoki  mushrooms (adapted from Little Corner of Mine). These dishes are best served with rice porridge or congee, and it is a very light comforting meal to enjoy once in a while.

Blanched does not mean bland. With minimal cooking done on the vegetables, the dressing kept the appetizer/side dishes alive - toasted sesame oil and ground white pepper, pinch of salt for the blanched lettuce stems and chayote (also added some roasted nori seaweed to give it extra flavors); and organic light soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds for the enoki mushrooms.

As usually the case, the preparation - rinsing, and slicing takes the most time. But once mise en place, a pot of boiling water is all you need.

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