Sambal Green Beans & Nasi Lemak

What makes a Nasi Lemak your Nasi Lemak? What makes it work for you?

Some say it is the coconut rice. Fail the coconut rice and fail Nasi Lemak. Or is it the sambal chili? Oh yes, it is the sambal chili! Imagine Nasi Lemak without chili? A deal-breaker for me.

What makes Nasi Lemak? It is the ikan bilis and peanuts!

It is the cucumber! It is the egg! and for the egg - will it be hard-boiled? fried egg? sunny-side up?

In short, you need a whole package that works. A basic package perhaps - coconut rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber, egg and sambal chili. The basics that if any of which is missing, it just does not piece up to Nasi Lemak. So in order of priority, my must-have to be able to be Nasi Lemak is: coconut rice, sambal chili, ikan bilis and peanuts, cucumber then finally the egg.

The rest will be bonus(es).

How about fried chicken wings? That to me is bonus item - perhaps many Nasi Lemak stall owners use fried chicken wings to lure customers to ordering Nasi Lemak if not Nasi Lemak like this will be too plain to be "sold" to the customer.

So if fried chicken wings is a bonus, a dish like sambal long beans is a bonus too! But it is always good to have some vegetables as a side dish, right? That is a bonus to our health.

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