Sausage and Kale Pasta

Cooking oil - the fuel to our food. What type of cooking oil(s) are you using? Again, I am referring to "cooking" oil - so let's not talk about extra virgin olive oil typically used for dressing salads, or maybe marinating, sometimes that finishing touch to a completed dish.

To be more specific, what type of oil do you use for sauteeing or stir-frying or even deep-frying?

Butter. Olive oil. Canola Oil. Grapeseed oil. Coconut Oil.

I only came to think about this since I was going to buy a new bottle of cooking oil as the bottle of canola oil ran out in my kitchen.

Back to the dish for today which is German-style brawurst sausages and kale combined in a somewhat Italian-style pasta dish. The salty, sometimes spicy sausage balances well with the slight bitterness in kale. A little fat from the brawurst sausage was rendered out for cooking in this case. Animal fats (considered bad fats) is not exactly healthy but as I don't often cook with sausages, I will save myself from the fussy squeal.

Sausage and Kale Pasta
Ingredients: 1 sausage (about 0.5lb of ground meat) cut into bite-size; 1/2 medium onion, finely chopped, 3 cloves garlic, finely minced, 1 bunch of kale  (this was from my garden, so I also included some Swiss Chard), 2 servings of cooked pasta (shell-type or short strands preferred), ground pepper to taste

Directions: Pan-fry the sausage pieces till the fat is rendered out. Dish out the sausage, set aside. Fry the onions in the fat till fragrant and soft, then add garlic and vegetables and fry till vegetables are cooked. To cook the vegetables will just take about 5minutes. Add in the cooked sausages and pasta then mix well. Season to taste and serve.

I wonder if the fats rendered from one sausage is a lot of bad fats?


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