Collard, Pumpkin Bean Soup & Avocado Toast

I have cooked this bean soup (Tuscan Bean Soup) before, but this time replacing the "greens" from kale to collard.

I enjoy making such bean-style soups - warm and wholesome especially towards the last few months of the year when it is typically colder; and this is also the time when I bring in the Immersion Hand Blender to better use - making pureed soups e.g Asparagus Soup, Pumpkin Soup or simply to make soups thicker.

I have not been too adventurous with avocado, typically using them as avocado spread on toast/sandwiches, or including it in omelettes.

Well, today is no different. A 100% avocado spread on toast to pair with a vegetable-bean soup. It is a meatless meal, be it lunch or dinner.

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