Roasted Tom Yum Chicken Wings 泰式酸辣鸡翅

In an attempt to tidy up the fridge, I saw a bottle of Tom Yum paste that was practically left untouched since one or two Chinese New Years ago - the time when we had Tom Yum soup base in our hot pot. With a ready paste and other ingredients such as shallots and lemongrass that I have in my pantry, here is what I made - Tom Yum chicken wings

If you are a fan of Tom Yum Soup, the sour tangy savory of these wings will entice you. If you are after sweet and a little savory, this Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Wings may be more suitable. Or something sharp and mustardy, try Dijon Mustard Honey Chicken Wings.

This Tom Yum Chicken Wings is adapted from Noobcook, with kaffir lime leaf being left out as I did not have that handy, and using soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

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