Green (Spring) Onions Egg Omelette 葱花蛋

Scallions with Egg 葱花蛋 is definitely not new to many of you and it is a very simple dish but often, we tend to forget how some dishes can be easily put together by using very basic ingredients. Basic ingredients such as scallions and eggs never fail to make their presence in my kitchen.

Are they basic ingredients in your kitchen too?

Just when I thought carrot omelette is by itself a very simple egg dish to cook, this scallion omelette or Scallions with Egg is even simpler, without having to grate the carrots!

For this recipe, half of the quantity of scallions is whisked into the egg while the remaining half is sauteed in cooking oil prior to adding whisked egg to the pan. As some scallions are first sauteed in the pan, that will make it fragrant (less sharp and pungent); HOWEVER those scallions that are pre-mixed and lightly whisked into the egg will be sharper and bolder in taste; also maintaining fresh flavors since the scallions are not subjected to heat for a longer time compared to those in the oil. The final egg dish, even as simple a dish as scallions and egg, can still have a nuance profile of flavors and texture.

Green (Spring) Onions or Scallions Egg Omelette 葱花蛋
2-3 stalks of scallions/green onions, finely sliced
3 organic eggs gently whisked
1 small red chili, seeds and veins removed (depend on preference of spice level; remove more seeds and veins if less spicy preferred), thinly sliced

Heat some oil in the pan (I am using HappyCall Pan here. You can also use a cast-iron pan). While waiting for pan to heat up, add half portions of scallions/green onions in the whisked egg and whisk to mix the green onions into the egg. When oil is hot, fry the other half portion of sliced scallions till slightly caramelized, and tender. Add red chili . Then add the whisked egg and scallions into the pan and pan-fry till both sides of eggs are slightly golden-brown, crisp and egg is cooked - almost the texture of frittata.

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