Satay Spiced Chicken Skewers

This is how you impress your guests (and make them curious) -  tell them you made satay, those moist and delicious chicken skewer appetizers that look like they have been char-grilled, but in fact they are not, and not even the use of grill plates or outdoor grill.

Bombarded with the many "how", the response is simple - use (any) flat-based cooking pan, make some satay-spiced chicken chops, and transform them to tantalizing appetizers.

So instead of making a large piece of chicken chop as entree, you can now create finger-friendly appetizers which your guests will enjoy small bites of.

The steps to making chicken chops can be found here, and the rest is just a matter of presentation preference. In this case, allow the chicken chops sufficient time to rest, then slice them to bite-sizes pieces that are big enough to thread then skewer the sliced pieces of chicken chop with cucumber and serve with peanut sauce.

How about making Chicken Teriyaki skewers too?

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