Fuzzy Melon with Shrimps and Glass Noodles 毛瓜炒虾仁

Hairy/fuzzy melon (Mao Gua 毛瓜 ) stir-fries usually come off as a homey dish - with either dried shrimps or fresh shrimps. Often this melon can also be steamed (usually with meat stuffing) or cooked in soups.

I also found out recently that in Chinese food therapy, fuzzy melon is considered more "neutral", relatively less "cooling" compared to the Yin (cold cooling) nature of most melons such as winter melon, watermelon or cucumber. From the perspective of a Yin (cooling) body, it is advisable to consume less of the "cooling" foods e.g. winter melon, watermelon so that there is no severe imbalance of Yin and Yang.

This Hairy Melon with Shrimps and Glass Noodles  毛瓜炒虾仁 (similar recipe found here) is yet another very common home-cooked dish in many Chinese families. Just cook two more vegetables dishes such as stir-fry asparagus, stir-fry kale and coupled with steamed rice or rice congee (porridge) - a meal is complete

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