Kale with Gojiberries 枸杞羽衣甘蓝

Reviewing some of my older recipes the other day, I came across Stir-Fry Pea Sprouts with Gojiberries and inspired me to do similar to my regular kale dishes.

How about combining these two super-foods - Kale and Gojiberries, with sweet gojiberries complementing the subtle bitter notes in kale.

Kale with Gojiberries 枸杞羽衣甘蓝
1 bunch of kale, leaves only (keep the stems for other dishes), thinly sliced
1 tbsp very thinly sliced ginger strips
1tsp minced garlic
2 tsp gojiberries, hydrate them in cooking wine (if not, water will do) for about 10 mins, keep the wine for cooking later

Directions: Heat oil in pan, fry the ginger and garlic. Add the kale leaves and fry for about 5 minutes till the kale leaves wilt down. The thinner you slice, the faster they will cook. Drizzle the cooking wine (used to hydrate the gojiberries) around the walls of the wok then add the gojiberries to the kale. Fry quickly for 1-2mins. Salt and ground white pepper to taste, then serve

This dish appeared earlier in my "set-meal", with Fuzzy Melon and Shrimps Stir-Fry.

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