Roasted Bell Peppers, Cabbage Egg Burger 蔬菜鸡蛋汉堡

Preparing a meal for one is quite a chore. Some of you may just settle with salad but that is really not my kind of meal. I can have salad but it must usually come, paired with carbs. or some form of meat proteins. For example, Arugula Salad with Grilled Chicken and Shrimps (Prawns) or Kale and Chicken Hot Dogs; or in this case, Cherry Tomatoes Salad with Egg and Roasted Bell Peppers Burger.

Are you as motivated when preparing a meal for one, especially when it is just for yourself? 

 This is more than just a basic fried egg.

Load it up with roasted cabbage and the egg suddenly turns to something like a vegetable loaf or thick pancake, adding more bulk to the burger. The bell peppers were also roasted to accentuate the flavors.

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