Chicken Asparagus Cheese Roll 芦笋乳酪芝士鸡肉卷

The chicken breast stuffed with asparagus and cheese looked so tantalizing while I watched them being pan-fried. It was not even up close and personal where I watched. It was just a TV cooking segment over the Internet. Seriously? And it was chicken breast - the infamous dry stringy part of the chicken!

Who would have thought the light-bulb moment came.

Probably when the chef specifically zeroed in on the gradually melting cheese that was oozing from the chicken breast rolls while the rolls were being pan-fried - the oozing cheese then "coats" the outside of the rolls flavoring the chicken rolls (or Chicken Breast Roulade) at the same time.

Organic or conventional, chicken breast is much more expensive than other parts of the chicken such as drumsticks, thigh meat and chicken wings, in the US. That is quite the opposite in most other Asia regions where the drumsticks and thigh are more costly. How is it like, where you live?

Chicken Asparagus Cheese Roll 芦笋乳酪芝士鸡肉卷
Pound the chicken breast flat (cover or wrap with plastic wrap, then pound flat using back of a heavy pan or pot). Remove the plastic wrap from the chicken, then season both sides of chicken fillet with ground black pepper and a little sea salt (just a little salt as there will be cheese imparting more salty flavors thereafter). Add sliced cheese (Note: I used sliced Swiss cheese as it is lower in sodium and not overly salty), then add asparagus (cut to lengths that match the width of chicken breast), then roll up for pan-frying or grilling till chicken is cooked through.

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